Peggy Sue Wood

Freelance Writer & Editor; Embedded Tutor at Irvine Valley College; & President of Sigma Tau Delta’s Alumni Epsilon Chapter

Please note: This is a personal blog. My portfolio, profile, and LinkedIn are currently being updated and reorganized on most platforms. I hope to be done before the end of the 2022 Summer.

Peggy Wood IN 2022:

In her own words: “Look, Friends… Sometimes, I look put together, but really I’m just staring at nothing, waiting in a long line for food, with a shark purse that is too small for my phone looking at me, and questioning my life choices in the middle of a convention hall. That’s just who I am.”

Also in her own word: I’m a writer, editor, and academic. I love contributing to the organizations I am a part of actively, and enjoy socializing with others. Feel free to reach out to me–I’d love to chat!

Someday, I will be a Lion of Literature.
Me • 28 • 📍CA

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